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Laetitia's US tour starts today!
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Re: Laetitia's US tour starts today!

deadlyfingers wrote:

Yeah, a dude got attacked on the sidewalk at 15th & Union by an apparent stranger (who was eventually ruled to be insane):
I guess that was back in 2010... time flies.

That body-parts-in-a-recycling-bin incident was across the street from my place. I was obliviously pulling weeds in my lawn until my neighbor came over and asked me if I knew why there were 20-30 cops swarming around our block.

To anyone else reading: neither of the perpetrators lived in the neighborhood - it's a perfectly lovely & safe place. I promise!

oh sounds horrible! and only up the road from where I used to live. I probably walked past that corner hundreds of times on my way to central cinema/trader's joe/chuck's hop shop/uncle ike's

but yeah, I loved to neighbourhood and never had any trouble

Aug 29, 2017, 16:44