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Oh my goodness.....what has happened to the forum?
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the 'old' new pink forum

The new pink forum has a life of it's own already - with a history all it's own too. I remember those nostalgic early days when you could lower the word 'forum' by swishing the dots and seeing how long it took to do it.

And then even better when you could swish the dots and completely deconstruct the word forum altogether and set it rotating in a random snowstorm pattern as if it had been blown apart by a huge explosion. The resulting cyclicly predictable chaos appealed to the iconoclastic anarchist in me...

It's still good of course - but there is something controlled about the dots now - as though as though the the freedom to totally deconstruct the FORUM dots was dangerous in our hands - hmmm yeah, I can see the point now...

ahh - but I still long for those nostalgic early days...

Oct 12, 2008, 16:08


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