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Laetitia's Minneapolis show - 8/28/17
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Laetitia's Minneapolis show - 8/28/17

I saw Laetitia Source Ensemble last night and boy was it a good show. She played Minneapolis’ 7th St Entry, which is a small venue connected to 1st Avenue – the “cool” place to play here. They started the evening off with Undying Love For Humanity. The beginning of the song was extended a bit and immediately grabbed the crowd with its infectious bossa grooves. I could tell right away that the energy of the room would make for a great show for everyone involved. In recent months, I’ve chatted with a few forum members and we’ve all noted how Laetitia’s vocals seem to be getting stronger and stronger. This was terribly evident last night. She’s so interesting to watch. She’s always had this innate grace throughout the years and it was really shining through last night. She seemed to be having a lot of fun with her band mates and expressing herself through her songs. She wasn’t just performing to get it over with; she was having a lot of fun!

Laetitia was quite engaged with the crowd between songs. She mentioned how terribly long the roads are in America. So much driving. Apparently, there’s not been a lot of wine for them during this tour. She mentioned at one point that she recognized a few faces in the crowd, but I don’t think I was one of them. I did notice there was a ring on the traditional wedding ring finger, but it didn’t look like a wedding ring, so who knows. I liked her outfit. You can check it out on her Instagram post from yesterday where she’s under the Stereolab star at 1st Avenue.

At the end of the show, she encouraged everyone to stop and say hello at the merch table. Of course, I had to. I’ve said hello a few times over the years, but still manage to get oddly star-struck by her. I always thank her for stopping in Minneapolis when she tours. She said that it’s a great city (agree!). I had a bit of trouble getting the plastic off the vinyl she was going to sign. I told her I was nervous because I love her so much. Inscription was pretty straight-forward; she drew a bit of a design and dated it. As I was bidding her farewell, I mentioned how much I’ve enjoyed her work with Giorgio Tuma and this year’s Mombojo project (C’est la Vent, specifically); I listen to them all the time. I forget her response as it was sort of loud and I was on nerd autopilot. She spoke to my friend for a minute whole she was buying a record as well. I waved goodbye and she winked at me.

I don’t recall the exact order (it’s close), but here are the songs I remember hearing:

Undying Love For Humanity
Love Captive (male part sung by her charming bassist)
The Woman With the Invisible Necklace
Reflectors (highlight for me)
Dry Fruit
Galactic Emergence
Find Me the Pulse of the Universe
Double Voice, Extra Voice
Sacred Project
Then I Will Love You Again (encore)

Aug 29, 2017, 16:25