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Ariel Pink - Dedicated to Bobby Jameson
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Re: Ariel Pink - Dedicated to Bobby Jameson

Listened to the album a few times now, I like it a lot! Anyone who enjoyed the last few albums won't be disappointed. My initial impressions, track by track:

01 Time to Meet Your God 9/10
Great opener. The "Allahu Akbar" part made me snicker (at least I think that's what he says?). The scratchy backwards sound in the instrumental break is a little annoying though, bit too loud.

02 Feels Like Heaven 8/10
Super nice 80s sound. His faux English accent on certain words is always endearing. Cheesy sounding lyrics, but winning tune!

03 Death Patrol 8/10
A funny one. I definitely hear a bit of the Bee Gees in there somewhere. The scratchy violin sound halfway through, which is suddenly replaced by Stayin' Alive style string flourishes is a hilarious touch. Great chorus (musically speaking, not sure about the lyrics).

04 Santa’s in the Closet 6/10
Comedy song like "Black Ballerina", quite funny first couple of times but likely won't stand up to repeated listening so well.

05 Dedicated to Bobby Jameson 10/10
The title track is great, and contains possibly his most blatant Zappa reference so far(?) The vocal hook in the pre chorus part reminds me very much of "Mom & Dad" from We're only in it for the Money. The instrumental section is somewhat reminiscent of the Doors?

06 Time to Live 10/10
I love this. Starts out pretty heavy (even metallic) then when the vocals come is it's like the melody from "Video Killed the Radio Star", heheh. Something else sounds familiar in there too, can't quite put my finger on it. Cool song and reminds me of "Not Enough Violence" from the last album.

07 Another Weekend 9/10
This is pretty lush. I like the lyrics. The slow parts are very Neil Young inspired.

08 I Wanna Be Young 10/10
Very faithful remake of one of my favorites from his older "lowfi" albums. Good job!

09 Bubblegum Dreams 8/10
This is a super cheesy psychedelic number. The production is on point, dig it!

10 Dreamdate Narcissist 7/10
Another psychedelic tribute which reminds me a lot of bands like the Seeds. The sound is really great but the tune and lyrics are a bit throwaway.

11 Kitchen Witch 10/10
Could be the best track on the album, love the dreamy 80s vibe. This is the kind of stuff I like most from APHG.

12 Do Yourself a Favor 6/10
I don't have a strong opinion on this song, seems like filler but I quite like the coda section with the whistling.

13 Acting [ft. Dam-Funk] 9/10
I love Dam Funk, so I was always gonna like this. It's great! Although the silly "we're gonna party till the break of dawn" parts almost ruin it, the tune is great great enough that I can forgive.

Sep 08, 2017, 09:03