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Little Tornados - Apocalypse!
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jeff w
jeff w
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Re: Little Tornados - Apocalypse!

Press blurb:

Little Tornados is David Thayer with essential bass lines, melodies, and backing vocal contributions by Lætitia Sadier. The project was founded after they met in Bogota, Colombia in 2012.

The sophomore album, Apocalypse!, is a commentary on the death-grip of modern, industrial pseudo-positivity, religious psychosis and apocalyptic tendencies found while searching for the beauty in reality via psychedelic pop with a twist of country. The message is love.

Many antique, rare, and mostly heavy, thrown-out and overlooked instruments such as the hammond extra voice, the pianoline, the crumar multiman and the farfisa permagon were put to heavy use to create much of the albums sound. Other musicians on Apocalypse! include John Herndon (Tortoise), Emmanuel Mario (Holden, Astrobal), Giorgio Tuma (Elephant Records, Italy), Caroline Sallee (Caroline Says). Over the last four years, David has made contributions to Laetitia’s last two albums including keyboard and flute arrangements and has co-written two of her songs; “Dry Fruit” and “Quantum Soup.” He has also made noise and electronic music under the name Xeno Volcano.

The first single “I Disappear” is out on River Jones Music. The full album “Apocalypse” is scheduled for release in January, 2018 and is distributed by Shellshock.

Nov 04, 2017, 15:16