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stereolab split ?!?
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Re: stereolab split ?!?

Don't know. This was the 9th time I've seen them (dating back to the D&L tour) and something was just different.

It could be me - I have to say, my interest in the band has really waned in the last 12 months. Sadier's lyrical commentaries seem less sincere to me now than they did when I was younger, if not less beautiful. And I (as have others here) have noticed how uncomfortable Gane seems to be with her in interviews and on stage.

Moreover, I think Chemical Chords was a poor record. No doubt people around here will disagree. But I've finally started to agree with what the critics have said since "Cobra" - that the band isn't doing much more than recycling the same ideas, adding electronic splashes here and there, inventing crazy song names and artwork and letting Sadier bend her politics to suit the music. I think I was willing to overlook that all the way through FFS, partially out of nostalgia and partially because there'll always be space in my catalogue for the "Plastic Mile"s and "Widow Weirdo"s of the world. But Chem Chords, despite a couple nice songs, is just filled with too much nothingness. I mean, if any other band released this record I don't think I would have listened to it twice after track 6.

So anyway, this is obviously just my solitary opinion, but in the way that sports fans seem to get annoyed when an aging star hangs on too long... I'm starting to feel like I wouldn't mind if they called it a day. Who knows though, maybe they release Chemical Chords 2 in a few months and it blows me away.

Apr 02, 2009, 03:42


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