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Your favourite Stereolab lyrics?
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Your favourite Stereolab lyrics?

Mine melt me ..

Oui tu es le bonheur,
Le morceau de beurre
Qui rend la vie si delicieuse.
Ouvrir ton coeur
(Ouvrir ton coeur, ouvrir mon coeur)

La peur me quitte
Je peux me livrer.
Je peux sentir et enfin t'aimer

La chaleur monte dans l'abdom?ne
Tu, l'alimentes et le feu se r?veille

J'?tais de glace, dans la glace
Compl?tement ? la masse

Le feu cr?pite, il a trouv? les os.
Les flames s'agitent
Elles me redonnent force

La chaleur grandissante
M'a fait fondre, me d?livre
en Anglais,

Yes, you are pure joy,
The square of butter
That makes life so delicious.
(Open up my heart, open up your heart)
Forgive me, I've resisted so,
Our reflection has scared me so.
There your heart.

You're the one that gives it its deep taste.
(Open up my heart, open up your heart)
Fear leaves me, I can surrender myself,
I can feel, smell, and finally love you.
There your mouth.

The heat rises in the abdomen,
You feed it and the fire awakens.
I was of ice, within ice,
Completely part of the mass.

The fire crackles, it has found the bones,
The flames dance, they give me back strength.
Your increasing heat
Made me melt, liberates me.

Apr 03, 2009, 14:02


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