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Cool Sleeve Similarities!
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Re: Cool Sleeve Similarities!

Yeah, I've heard the earlier stuff and it just doesn't gel with me; it's clear that Lion's skull is the cleaner stuff. GaryB recommended Fu*KButtons, I love their sound, but the vox just switch my off button - hope they do a vox free press.


I prefer the new stuff too. It's worth listening to "Hex - Or Printing in the Infernal Method" though. That's the first one with the new sound. I know what you mean about FBs. The vocals are pretty off-putting. They can ruin the best sounding bands. Or make them, obviously. I really do like the Fuckbuttons stuff though. I'm the kind of person who hears vocals as part of the music ususally. I really hate over-loud vocals more than anything. I like to have to pick em out from inside the noise. Just thought of loads of exceptions. Lambchop for example. I'll just shut up. I'm waffling. I'll think before I answer next time....

Apr 05, 2009, 21:24


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