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Cool Sleeve Similarities!
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Re: Cool Sleeve Similarities!

Ha! I couldn't believe it either. I have owned the Pavement LP for years and was blown away at this....1970s German record!!! Excellent krautrocking band (the stuff I have heard). I'm going to buy this LP (will report later)

BTW I am enjoying the R Wyatt records - so much in fact that I am going to buy more of the Domino reissues.

Never heard of Earth to be honest. I have, however, just got me some Sunn O))) [Flight Of The Behemoth] - I like them!


I wasn't too far off with 70's prog rock then! Let me know what it's like. Anything along Can or Amon Duul II lines and I'll have to hunt for it myself.
Wowee Zowee. Ahh... one of my all time favourites. Bought it when it came out and have loved it ever since. My first 3 sided album I reckon!

I'm happy you're liking the Wyatt. Any favourites jump out at you yet? They make me feel kind of warm and happy. Even when they're sad.

And if you like Sunn O))) you'll be liking Earth too, I'm sure. Sunn O))) are named as such after Dylan Carlson from Earth's favourite amplifiers! They even have a "song" called Dylan Carlson. Earth 2 is a stoner sludge classic. The newer ones are more melodic but just as good in my opinion. I saw Sunn O))) play in a crypt once. Scary.

Apr 05, 2009, 21:44


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