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'Scuse me, this is England isn't it? Protest Death Police Assault
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Re: 'Scuse me, this is England isn't it? Protest Death Police Assault

The 'officer' has 'come forward' - I reckon that a story has been concocted to justify the action.

I lived in London for some time, and went on a few protests. One time I stumbled across a pretty heated protest, quite by accident, exactly as Ian Tomlinson had done.

I had a few dogs snapping at my heels and some right thugs behind me (police), which made me immediately respond as Mr Tomlinson did - head down, shoulders hunched, hands immediately in pockets (anyone notice how the dogs in the clip were not as excited because his hands were in his pockets), try and remain calm (nonchalant, in fact) and I managed to make my way unchallenged, but it was very very frightening.

This is so bad, ID cards, DNA databases, the most CCTV cameras of any country in the world (4.2 million), what was effectively a coverup in the IPCC 'investigation' of the incredibly tragic Jean de Menezes case (the IPCC are now in charge of this particular investigation) and now what is effectively manslaughter on the streets by a supposed law enforcer. Insanity.


Apr 08, 2009, 20:13