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great ShoeGaze albums of all time...
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Re: great ShoeGaze albums of all time...

I've been listening to a lot of Chapterhouse, mostly the EP's.

The 12" version of "Something More" is like pure heroin.
Extremely pure to the Genre and the time.
Whirlpool is great as well.

I used to really like Moose, all their early Ep's are good.
Hell..the later Ep's are good too. They were probably the only band I didn't get to see as the US tour was cancelled.

Really less than shoegaze...the last Moose album "High Ball me" is fantastic, I listen to it quite often. "The Only man in town" is a really great song.

I made a mix CD of all Boo Radleys EP's I own and it's quite good. Even though their later albums (Post "Giant Steps")I sold (SUCK).

Anyone heard the band Secret Shine?

As far as newer, Asteroid #4 is pretty killer and cover Catherine Wheel's "I want to touch you", although a bit more Psyche than gaze although they are moreso the latter on the last tour and album.

May 19, 2009, 19:05


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