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High Resolution Discography UP and Running
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basil too
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Re: Thanks!

revox wrote:
GaryB wrote:
Great links, many thanks. I did not know any of that. I really really want that 7 inch record!

A lot of people do.

So, this'll make you sick - quite a few years ago (12 or 13 I think), I heard on the grapevine that Mark went off the Lab BIG time. He had one of the three demos (no cover) that he found himself using as a coaster for his coffee mugs. :-))))

Incidentally, don't let your desire for this item overtake your common sense. The cover art is in sufficient forms on the net for forgers to make use of. Remember, the catalogue number was already in use for the Spectrum Indian Summer release - easy to put a white label on and have the number in the runout, sure there are 4 tracks on one and three on the other but how many people would be any the wiser when in the throes of their greed or drooling over Ebay?


Good advice revox. I still don't think I could help myself should one of these present itself. GaryB, don't hold you breath though, I have been looking for one of these for more than 15 years with an open wallet and have had no luck. I have EVERY other release, so it would be nice, but...

May 18, 2009, 21:20


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