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basil too wrote:
revox wrote:
GaryB wrote:
Is/was he in Spectrum?

Pete Kember aka Sonic (Boom) was Spacemen 3 (in my view), he IS Spectrum and also EAR.

RE the lab/spectrum split there is more info at

There is also a cover art scan of, yep, you guessed it, #5 to be found at

Read the Diggin' for Gold piece on that link - I believe that the Mark mentioned at the end of the piece was the proprietor of Runcible Records (a clever chap, good at self publicity, but nice, a mate of PK and also a contributor to Record Collector's Spacemen, Lab etc listings - not sure what he's up to these days).


That scan looks more like #3 to me. The number sign looks a little different as well.

I also saw #8 quite a few years back in Vancouver.


Yep, you're right, just zoomed in to 400%, possibly one of Sonic's own copies then, or one of Marks. I heard that the Groop hadn't actually seen one until someone presented them with one at a gig for them to sign (possibly Owen's) - could be wrong. I think that the numbering is totally unimportant though, it's unlikely that the items were numbered as they actually came off the press, the hand written numbering is in a haphazard style (Sonic must have been off his t*ts), his handwriting may be one of the few things that give some evidence of authenticity to the item.


May 18, 2009, 21:21


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