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High Resolution Discography UP and Running
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Re: Spectrum/Stereolab 7

Hi Basil,

No that's fine. Please feel free to include the story - I'd be delighted. I know there are a lot of myths about this single as the original thread shows.

I'm happy that I instigated the whole thing and feel proud to have played a part in what is now a legendary collectors item. Pete K knew what an obsessive collector I was and he didn't tell me about the existence of the 3 tests for a while, but after my hassling him the project took shape.

It's odd to think that I had about 18 of those singles in a plastic bag in my office with the sleeves just uncut A4 paper. I agree Pete's writing is somewhat rustic looking but he chose great pictures for it.

I know a lot of the people on the Spiritualized forum are Stereolab fans as there's a definite crossover.
I'd love people from here to join in:

We're all getting excited about Spiritualized's Royal Festival Hall shows next week - that's if Seetickets actually decide to send out tickets out!

Best to all,

Oct 06, 2009, 10:41


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